Friday, April 8, 2011

A Starting Place

I'm organizing our classroom bookshelf.  I've always had in mind how I want it to work--like things together (near each other), things for the children in reach, books I don't want them into--out of reach! (smile).  Well, after a few years of having this wonderful bookshelf, I am finally taking the time to get it the way I'd like it.

A little background: I usually start off with it heading in this direction, but usually run out of time (or get tired of seeing boxes full of books) and just start putting things on it.  This time I let the children help

I've already been working on it a day, pulling things I don't need/want anymore and making stacks on the floor around the room.  So far, this is how it looks (don't gasp!).  Today I've taken out my sticky notes and written little subject/category headings and placed them where I'd like to find these things.  Simple enough, huh?

We'll see.  I'll take/post a finished photo when I get there (I'm hoping later day....if I don't have too many interruptions).

It's a good starting place, if nothing else. :D


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the finished product. Look like you have the same disease that I have..."can't-have-too-many-books-itis". So far, no cure has been!!

~Leslie said...

You have NO idea!!!

I'm proud to say that what you see is basically it. Rewind three+ years and I would have to admit that I had boxes and boxes of books that would NEVER fit on any bookshelf.

(also keep in mind that this is just the classroom bookshelf--I have yet to show my personal bookshelf, or my dh's. smh. yep, we've got it in a bad way! lol)

Adrienne Brown-David said...

I love the bookshelf. My life would be SO much easier with one of those. I just (finally) organized my school library by subject to be easier to find. Plus I am revamping our school day, so organized books are sort of a necessity. I just used manilla folder with subject labels to separate books on the shelf.

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


I love your book shelf and all of the books on there. Books. They are one thing that is so difficult to get rid of because you just might...just maybe...possibly want to read one of them again.

~Leslie said...

@Adrienne--I like that idea of using folders to separate books! I was trying to figure out how I could do that without spending too much....and I already have a box of them. Thanks for that idea! :D

@Jennifer--I'm keeping our favorites and the ones I don't want to wait for at the library. I'm participating in a Used Curriculum Sale/Swap at the end of next month--so I'm thinking about others who can 'love' these books, which actually makes it easier to get rid of them. (a little, anyway. lol)


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