Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So this is what it looks like after 2 and a half days of sorting, purging and organizing!  I'm pretty excited about this.  I have three storage containers in the closet: 1 with our art supplies, 1 containing the future kits of Saxon Phonics, the last one with 3rd-6th grade resources.  Anyone who knows me will KNOW this is a BIG deal!!! (that I am down so a bookshelf and 3 containers!!!)  I'm glad to be down to so little and hope to streamline more as necessary.

We've also started our 'new' schedule.  The children have always had chores and other responsibilities around the house, but due to all of the packing, moving, waiting, unpacking, adjusting, etc. I haven't been consistent in these areas.  Each day has been it's 'own' day--literally.  We need some predictability in our flexibility, if you know what I mean.  So, I did some talking about what we'd be doing and some demonstrating so they'd know exactly what to do....so far it's going smoothly!  (Yes, I know it's only Tuesday! lol)

Our 'school' time is already going better since we're better organized!!  The good thing is that Pretty Girl is used to our routine so have a specific space and time that we're focusing on it, with scheduled breaks, is working for her.  She still likes to fuss at the beginning of things--which can be bothersome on days that I'm not in the best place--but that is even starting to lessen.

Sweetie-pie and The Boy are still doing strictly hands-on activities during this time.  I let them choose what they'd like to "do for school" each day--it's still working well.

After lunch, which I allow the girls to make, on alternate days, I read-aloud to them.  Mostly books of their choosing, from the library, as well as a chapter book of my choosing.

Our day is still quick flexible to include outside time, free time/play time, working in the community garden, participating with our homeschool group/field trips/activities/ and going to the library. Each week the children get to choose an activity that they get to do with me alone.  Last week they each wanted to make something (food-wise).  This week we've planned similar activities.

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Sparklee said...

Hooray! It looks great! I know how much easier the days can go when your materials are organized. Not that I'm particularly organized, but I'm always working on it!


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