Thursday, April 14, 2011

Park Day

The playground at the park
We spent most of the yesterday at the park with some friends.  It was such a beautiful day--warm enough, sunny enough, the right amount of breeze, a good amount of shade!  I purposely left my camera at home so that I could just ENJOY that day instead of snapping pictures, capturing the energy/excitement/thoughtfulness of the day.  Now, I wish I had. lol

We really like this park.  There's a great playground (see photo) but it's surrounded by open space, a few picnic tables, a lake w/ ducks.  There are also clean restrooms (which really matter when you have little ones)!

It was a planned activity for our homeschool group.  It was good to see our friends and great to be able to hold adult conversations.  The children have spent enough time together so that they can pretty much do things without a whole lot of supervision.  We were actively watching them, but didn't have to intervene much at all.  It was fun to watch them create games and hear their excitement as they retold what happened on our ride home.  We stayed until 5pm (arriving about 11am)--so we were ALL full of fun & sun! :D

They slept great last night.  So did I.  Sometimes you just need a day out of doors playing.

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