Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane!

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I can't seem to slow down.
But I am making every effort to. 
As I compare our calendar for April to the one for March, I've cut things in half...and am cutting half again for May.

It's been so nice to be about, in and out of the house, participating in home school activities, community activities, library activities.  But I'm feeling a bit dizzy! :D

I've also been doing a lot of reading/researching options for our homeschooling journey.  We are very flexible right now, perhaps a bit too much, and I'd like a little more structure.  Better yet, Pretty Girl needs some more structure.  So I've been reading, browsing, reviewing, asking other homeschooler's what's been working for them, reading, get the idea. :D

I've also decided to get rid of another big chunk of my 'stash.'  If you've been around any length of time, you know that I go through a 'purging' stage every so often.  Well, it's here again.  Perhaps Spring has brought it on, perhaps I see that I need to give away what I'm not using (or intend to use).

Our home school group will be having it's first curriculum sale/swap/giveaway at the end of next month--and so I'd like to be able to unload some of those things there.  What I leave with from that event I'll donate to our library's friends' group.

We've sure been taking advantage of the longer days.  The kids enjoy being outside in the yard until sunset most days.  It's nice to see them making up games and stories as they play together and alone.  We've been identifying birds, plants, trees and insects.  We haven't started planting outside, which has actually turned out to be a good thing since the weather keeps changing up on us!  It been dropping to the low 40s at night and jumping to the low 70s in the day.  (crazy!)

The other night we had terrible storms and a tree fell down in the backyard.  No roof damage!! but it's all over the deck and knocked over the overhang (umbrella-style shade) as well.  In the daylight, we saw that it wasn't just a few light branches but a HUGE portion of the tree.  Something else to add to the list of things to do in the back yard! :D

I'm going to make my rounds again---to see just what you've been up to!  We've been good. Learning, growing, doing.

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