Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Smiling through her tears!


Milk and Honey Mommy said...


Did you pull it? Did your daughter pull it? My daughter lost one tooth and after that they just kept coming out. She was full of joy and all I could see was my little girl growing up. Congratulations on another milestone. She's got the cutest little smile.

Oh, I've got a book for you that she might enjoy The Lost Tooth Club.

nocton4 said...

oh my, gorgeous smile, beautiful face .. keep smiling xx

mel said...

WOW!! The missing tooth!!

Savannah just lost one of her front teeth's her third one to fall out but the joy is still as bright as the first time.


how quickly they grow....

~Leslie said...

Jennifer: It was hanging on by a thread and her daddy is excellent about getting them out with NO pain. She cried but not from pain--more from change! I will definitely check out the link. Thanks!

Nocton4: thank you. I love her 'new' smile!

Mel: She already has three other loose teeth (one bottom, two top) so she's starting out nicely. Ah, yes, it does mean she's growing up...

Alex said...

what a cutie!

I passed on an award to you:


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