Thursday, July 29, 2010

Building Blocks

I'm sure you've seen these kind of blocks before.  They're the ones you usually find in a preschool or Kindergarten classes at a 'Blocks Center.'  They're smooth, heavy and very sturdy.  You can build towers, houses, roads, whatever pops into your head/hands.  Years ago, when I in college, I worked in a daycare center and so enjoyed the blocks center.  I thought, "I'd like my kids to have a set of these."  When I checked into that a few years later as a second grade teacher and saw the cost I thought, "Never gonna happen!"

Well, low and behold, a dear woman in our community, who had a dream of opening a preschool of her own 'one day', gave us a complete set of them.  Brand spanking new blocks!!  I am so thankful.  The kiddos are having a blast building and creating.  Unlike their plastic counterparts there is nothing they (my kids) can do to break them (they're good at deconstruction)! :D

[I love that these blocks will last a good long while, and are NOT plastic!!]

I am also grateful that there have been other thoughtful people here who have added to our overall homeschooling experience by giving us books, games and other creative-making things.  They've added to the 'building blocks' of our learning experience!!

Here are a few shots of what's been happening here...


Tooje said...

These blocks are a bit bigger and "new-age" but they remind me of the set my grandmother has had since her children were small. I recall loving them very much as a smaller child playing at her house on weekends. :) My boys have a set of wooden blocks, but they're small, for very small hands right now. A larger set is worth looking into.

Happy Thursday.

My name is Tiffany said...

I played with those blocks in Kindergarten. I purchased a set for my children but they are not as large and they are painted. I like the big heavy ones though. Honestly I am afraid my two year old would toss one across the room.

Homegrown Naturally said...

Wow! I just love when people pass on things in our direction. There's something very special about being given such a wonderful gift as opposed to just going out and buying it. Hours and hours of fun they will have! :)

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


That is totally cool to get those "hand-me-downs." My children also have a set of wooden blocks, but not those big arches. I love those. They enjoy playing w/them.

Wood is great. They will last a along time and are a much better quality than plastic.

My name is Tiffany: That makes me laugh (even though it's not funny) about your two year old "tossing one across the room." My youngest is three and every once in a while he tosses something across the room.


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