Monday, July 19, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

Good Morning and Happy Book Sharing Monday!

We haven't participated in a few weeks but wanted to take the time to share this week!  We've gotten several great books from grandparents (Grandpa, specifically) last week.  The one we'll share today is A Child's Introduction to Ballet.  The stories, music and magic of classical dance by Laura Lee, Illustrated by Meredith Hamilton.

Not only does this book thorough discuss the history and techniques of ballet, it also tells the stories of some famous ballets--Swan Lake, The Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet, to name a few.  But that's not all,  it also has an accompanying CD that coincides with  each chapter so we can hear and enjoy the music of each specific ballet.  We have just started reading it but have already learned a lot.  Haven't check to see if this book is available at the library, but definitely one we're recommending!

Happy Reading!


Alex said...

We do'n't have the ballet one, but love the Orchestra and the Poetry one in this series. Great books, we have used them as spines for unit studies.

TulsiLeaf said...

Oh!!! That sounds wonderful. My daughter loves ballerina's. Will have to check out from the library!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


This book looks like one my daughter would enjoy because she loves to dance. Don't all little girls love to dance?

It looks like good information is included. Is this part of a series?

~Leslie said...

Jennifer, I'm not sure about a series, but we do have another one on The Orchestra and from what I see from Alex's comment, there's a poetry one. So, perhaps there is! :D


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