Thursday, July 8, 2010

Always Learning

Last night we spontaneously decided to get our daughters bikes.  Yeah, we've been talking about it for awhile and looking over the finances.  While picking up a few things for dinner we decided to go ahead.  Initially we were only going to get one for pretty girl, but then found one the right size for Sweetie-Pie.  On the way out of the store the boy says, "Mommy, when I get bigger will you..." I was anticipating his request and immediately cut in and said, "Yes, baby, we will get you a bike too."  He looked at me a bit confused and said, "Mommy, I want a skateboard!"  SMH  Well, there you have it.

Today we spent time learning to ride bikes & trikes.  Here are a few shots.  I'm proud of them.  They're learning all the time!

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Rana said...

I love days like this. It took our kiddos a couple of tries before they were two wheeling it. The boy picked it right up. Tinky was scared of falling over so it took her a bit longer. Soon you will be running behind them to catch up.


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