Friday, June 4, 2010

One Small Change:: June

One Small Change

This month is a continuation from last month.  I've been reading more about plastic (perhaps some of you have been too).  There have been several news reports/interviews on the top since last I posted.  CNN has done a couple reports.

I'm still focusing on it with regards to our food--storage specifically.  I've also been looking for other options in purchasing it to begin with.  This is already poising difficulty since almost EVERYTHING is packaged in it.  So, I'm looking for alternatives and choosing things with less plastic if that's an option.  One thing I'm doing is buying fresh whenever possible.  Making bread limits our use of plastic bags.  Cooking just enough for the meal means I don't have leftovers to store.  They're small steps, granted, but ones I can make and keep (which is the point, right?) :D

I'm so loving my reusable bags and am making some more for produce, and meats & cheese from the deli.

I've gotten some really good ideas from these two blogs: Life Less Plastic & Fake Plastic Fish.

I'm also looking for other creative ideas!  Have any?  Don't keep them to yourself! Share in the comments below.  Thanks! :D

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