Friday, March 5, 2010


I cannot tell you how happy I am that I've made it through this week.  It has been challenging, but what weeks aren't? smh  We have done a lot and yet nothing really.  Perhaps it's my bad memory, I can't even remember what Monday was about.  I really went with the flow this week, Kanga chose all activies she wanted to do.  She built a little town with Legos, made her own paper dolls, created several collage-style art pieces, used her words to write sentences.  Sweetie-pie played dress up mainly, made up several new dances and enjoyed taking care of the dogs.  The boy?  Well, he built a tent and played in it most of the week.  This morning Daddy finally told him it was time to take it down and clean up his room (yep, it looked like a bomb dropped in it).  He also played dress up with Sweetie-pie and sang a lot.

I am doing my best NOT to become overwhelmed with where I am presently.  I'm on a break from my computer--have been taking time to blog and read blogs--but am leaving everything else alone for a while. I can't say I've been 'down' but yet I haven't been 'up.'  This Winter is taking it's toll.  I've been very thankful for the sunshine this week.  After all the snow and gray and blah, the sunshine and birds singing have been wonderful.  Which reminds me, I need to put seed in the bird feeders.

We're in the process of straightening up the house as we're taking a little break and going to visit some family for the next week or so.  I'm looking forward to a little 'me' time that comes with these kinds of visits.  I'm also looking forward to NOT having to cook. clean, do laundry--you know the day-to-day housekeeping.  We're taking our library books with us (those we haven't yet read) and several books on tape for the ride.  I'm taking my knitting and hopefully will have two hats to share on my blog, Knot Sew Much.

Since my One Small Change for this month is giving up all the individually wrapped items, I want to make sure I take time to plan ahead for our meals.  I normally pack a lunch and snacks.  This trip will be no different.  I've washed the cloth napkins and have washed everyone cups (for water and juice).  As we were shopping yesterday it realized jut how many things are made and wrapped individually that we are used to getting.  There a like entire isles of this stuff.  SMH.  Yeah, pre-planning is the key! :D

Upon returning I'll be getting into the 'big move' mode and doing some serious clearing out!  I refuse to move again with ALL of this stuff. (I already have two boxes full of books to give away, and that was only one bookshelf!)  I'll definitely be sharing things with friends, on Freecycle, and the Goodwill!  We haven't set an official move date, but know it will be this summer.  I am pacing myself, but don't want to procrastinate.  Our move here took place over 15 days--I do not want a repeat!!!  I also have a few things left on my list of things I want us to do before we leave the area.  I'd like to get up to NY since we're closer and definitely want to do the National Museums in DC now that the kids are older.   Then there's the local things like playing in the creek again.  The kids are on their ears about doing that again.

I do hope that each of you have had a good week!  Enjoy your weekend and if I don't stop in for a week or so, I'll touch base when we're back!

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Deidra said...

Enjoy your time away. You sound as if you've gotten into a lovely, peacefully slow groove. I think I may be envious...


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