Friday, March 19, 2010

The One Thing Principle

Earlier this week I found a link about the One Thing Principle on Handmade Homeschool.  In reading the excerpt Sarah shared I immediately followed this link to read more.  Basically, if you take one thing/topic/project/etc and give it full attention you will feel at thought you've accomplished more than you will if you've attempted to do several things.  The example that was shared was with regarding to homeschooling, but the truth is this can be applied to anything in your life.  By doing less you actually do more!

Many days I have ended feeling like I've not accomplished what I wanted to--this can be with regards to homeschooling or housekeeping or project completing.  I decided to consciously do it the rest of the week.  Each day I've chosen one thing that we were going to do and do it well!  I have to say that in doing so I have felt accomplished and more things have been done.

I'm hoping to be more mindful of this each day.  Especially today as there seems to be sooooooo many things that need to get done.  :D

Have a great Friday!

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Rana said...

I've heard something like this before too. Multitasking is really not the best way to get things done. When I do this I feel spread to thin and don't get what needs to be accomplished like you said "done well". In the end you are better off doing one thing at a time. One project at a time I agree is the best way to go.
Have a great weekend Leslie!


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