Monday, March 1, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

Welcome March!!

Happy Monday to each of you.  So much is happening in my life...but let's stay focused.  It's Book Sharing Monday time.  Today we're headed to the library to get a new set of books.  But I'm sharing one that I read several times this month and laughed at each time. 

It's Just Another Morning by Linda Ashman,
Illustrated by Claudio Munoz.

It begins like this....

The day begins as many do: I find myself inside a zoo. 

I'm cornered by a savage ape--I growl and make a quick escape. 

I pass the place where giants sleep,

descend a mountain long and steep.
Behind a door, I find a feast and share it with a hairy beast.


It continues through the child's morning of imaginative play.  I love it!  My children did too.  My oldest loved pointing out what things really were--as if we couldn't tell.  Great book.  My favorite part?  When one of the "giants" prepares him lunch and gets him ready for nap.  The words just make me laugh each time.
He feed me sticks and weeds for lunch, then gives me magic sleeping punch.
I drink the stuff. I stretch and yawn. My legs are weak. My strength is gone. 

Definitely check it out if you can.  We think you will enjoy it.

Wanna participate? Join in at Serendipity Home School.

Happy Reading!!

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