Thursday, February 14, 2008

Starting a Homeschool Support Group

Well after lots of thinking, talking and planning, I've decided that I will start a local support group for homeschooling families in the Atlanta-area. There are plenty of support groups in the area, but most all of them are religious and located outside the city limits. I would like to organize an inclusive group where everyone is welcomed & valued and can find a place for encouragement and support.

I'm planning to host a Homeschool Day at a local library. Have been lining up other homeschooling parents to share their experiences and expertise with those attending. It's kept me quite busy, but busy in a good way!

I am looking to find families who are local/close to the area so that this group can be sustainable. Of course anyone in the Atlanta-metro can be apart.

I'm excited about the possibilities and new friendships to be made!

"Be[coming] the change..."

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