Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strawberry Picking :: GA Style

We have had this field trip on the calendar for several weeks now and were thrilled at going to pick strawberries again this year with our homeschooling friends.  I was a bit annoyed though, that we were running late.  Turns out it was a good thing! One of the other mothers called me to say that she had arrive early and that the farms were closed.  It was rather random, as I had just spoken to someone at the end of last week.  Anyway, since I was still at home, I was able to find another strawberry farm within 7miles, contact the others attending and we were still able to pick!!

Now, our experience wasn't what we'd had in mind.  The people in charge there were politely rude.  You know what that is, the stiff smile, polite gestures but the overall rudeness.  Perhaps it was more sweet rudeness.  Either way, we made the most of our time.  Hopefully next time we'll get to the original spot, as they allow for 'fun' and 'tasting' of their fruit.

Yes, we were NOT allowed to sample any of the fruit we picked until we paid for it.  Now, I get the whole "this is not a meal" thing--but part of the fun of picking your own is the sampling and snacking!!  The kids did well--no one complained OR ate one strawberry!  The overseer, I mean, the man made sure of that!  We lived, we learned, we will do better next time.

But you can't tell that was going on from the photos! :D

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