Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So after picking all those strawberries we set out to make this year's patch of strawberry preserves!  (That was the purpose of picking them!)  I refreshed my memory on the process.

We stopped by the store to pick up a few jars.  Treated myself to a new with an adjustable mouth for different size jars (this was a GREAT thing to have on hand!!!)

 We started by washing the jars & lids in hot, soapy water.

 Sterilized them by placing them on a cookie sheet and heating them in the oven until hot & dry.

 Put the lids in hot water to keep hot until I needed them.

Each of the children got a chance to mash the cut strawberries (after they were washed, capped and cut into fourths). Sweetie pie got the large glass measuring cup.

 Pretty Girl got to cut with me.

 The Boy having his turn at mashing with the potato masher.

Then we placed them into a large pot, added the pectin and sugar.  Stirred them continuously until they boiled.

Using the funnel (this thing is the BEST!) made pouring the hot mixture into the jars a breeze!  As you can see there is a good bit of foam still in the first four jars.  It didn't spoon off as nicely as it did the last time I did this.

I can't remember where I learned this trick.  I was to say I read about this on Gypsy Forest, but I've gone back to look for it and haven't been able to find it.  Anyway, instead of doing a hot bottle bath, as all the books say to do, I simply turned the hot jars over (after securely closing the lids) and allow them to sit this way for about 15 minutes.  The heat from the jar itself, along with the heat of the jam inside will make the seal that's needed to preserve the jam and eliminate any spoilage.  I think I actually left them this way for an hour (ran out to the post office).  When we returned, I checked the seal--and all of them are locked tight!  I'll leave them out the full 24 hours that are recommended in all the books before storing them in a dark, cool place. 

We have 11 jars of jam to enjoy for the rest of the year! Now, to make some bread....

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Our Pace said...

Yummy! I love strawberries! Looks like so much fun and great family time.


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