Thursday, October 28, 2010

My 5 for 5 Challenge Gift!!!

I have been wanting to share this for the past few days!!  My access to the internet has been limited (fortunately or unfortunately!).  At any rate...I'm here now and just have to share my JOY!!!

I joined in the 5 for 5 through Debbie's blog.  I posted it here and on my other blog.  We had the entire year to create something handmade and then share it with those who joined in. (Here's what I made.)  Well, my package arrive on Monday and here is what was inside.

Felted Nesting Bowls

Individually--lovely colors!

Another view


I love, Love, LOVE them!!! They are perfect!  I was just thinking about making myself some a few weeks ago.  Wanting something more...tactile (I guess that's what I mean?) for holding my special things.  I think what makes them so special is that they were handmade just for me....AND made by one of my newly made friends who has been such a wonderful addition to my life!!!!  Debbie also shared a jar of her homemade strawberry syrup!  Can you say YUM?!  I've decided that it will be used on my first breakfast of waffles in our new place.

Thank you so much Debbie.  'Thanks' seems such an inadequate word at this moment.  But I know you understand.  The time you put into them and your thoughtfulness is seem in each little bowl.  The colors are some of my favorite--Autumn! And they go perfectly with my bedroom colors.  One of my favorite gifts to date.  I am truly grateful!!



Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so glad you like them. I wish they would have felted better. (Four rounds in the front loader STILL didn't felt them the way I wanted.) Oh well. I loved them anyway. So glad you do too. And yes, the colours are so AUTUMN which is when I knew I'd get them mailed. So glad they work for you. And yes...I might have to borrow pictures. :) Much love to you. xoxo Debbie

Rosina said...

Oh this is such a fun idea!! I'm going to have to remember this for the new year :) I'm popping over from Cori's blog and having fun reading through your entries :)


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