Monday, September 13, 2010

Our Official First Day Back

I was hoping to have already had this day, but, alas, life has continued to happen.  And, that's been ok with us! :D

After I got up, meditated and took a mile walk/run alone (very excited to have this time to MYSELF every morning)!  We got together for devotion and group meditation, then cleaned up and got ready for breakfast.  I've been wanting to have a better rhythm to our day.  We've definitely been 'freestyling' most of the Spring and Summer months.  They kids need it, heck, I need it too!

After breakfast, we did some chores, brushed teeth and got dressed.  We did some 'sit down' activities.  Since it's Monday we did our 'Money Monday' lesson and got started with some basic addition, patterns & matching (eldest, middle, youngest, in that order).  While Pretty Girl practice her hand writing, Sweetie Pie and The Boy got to choose what art activity they wanted to start on and complete. After writing we read, then Pretty Girl read to me (I love that she can read!). 

To break up the day, I decided to take another walk/run with the kids this time, a shorter route (I got a mile and a half in today).  We ran an errand then got back for lunch.  They had free time outside.  I read from the book we're reading right now, The Wind in the Willows, then they had a quite time where they could choose something quiet to do as they listened to stories on tape.

We then went to the library and spent a few hours looking at books.  We got the limit of 50 so we can get in our 100 Books a Month for this month (starting a bit later).  While they're getting ready for bed, I'm typing this and plan to read to them once again before we end our day.

I have to say that for a first day, today went REALLY well.  I tried to fill it with enough things so that there wasn't a whole lot of time for them to fuss and agrue with each other (does anyone else have this problem?!).  There was still time for them to be, for us to talk and share our ideas.  We'll see how tomorrow goes.

(I've been away for a good bit of time.  I'm doing my best to past through your blogs and catch up with what's been going on with you.  I'm feeling refreshed and ready for the coming change to Autumn.  There's a lot of good energy flowing here!  Hope you each have been well while I've been away.  Talk with you soon!)


mel said...

wow - that's a seriously full day!!!

so cool that we're feeling the same need for rhythm...must be the turn of the seasons...

i think there's a perfect balance of stuff-to-do and free-wheeling where everyone is content and their needs are met. my experience is that it's a VERY delicate balance...LOL.


~Leslie said...

I know right?!
When we recounted the day during our evening meal/snack we all were surprised at just how much we accomplished today. I guess when we get about the things that matter, there's enough time.

Can you feel it? The 'change' is coming. Autumn is my time. I can feel my energy gaining! :D

You're right! it's a very delcate

much love, mel!

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


Welcome back. It sounds like your day was quite full for a first day. We actually started the last week in July and I'm already burnt out...not really. I think I got scared because we are somewhat falling into a rhythm and although it shouldn't be, it's new to me. The kids love rhythm and order. This school year has been wuite exciting already. We're having a light week this week and will get back to our schedule next week. I hope your first week continues to go well.

My name is Tiffany said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds like the perfect day of academics, physical activity and outside fun. Can I join your school?! I'm glad you guys had a great day. As for keeping the kids from fussing with one another, I tend to keep them!!!

I'm sure tomorrow will be much of the same. Or at least I hope it!!!


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