Monday, September 20, 2010

Book Sharing Monday

We're getting back in the swing of things.  Have several good books to share.  Finally settled on this one: Anna's Table by Eve Bunting.  Eve Bunting is fast becoming a favorite author.  All the books we're read of hers are just wonderful!!

This one is no different.  It's about a little girl who loves collecting things from nature.  Her aunt knows this and gave her a special table to house all her treasures.  The stories shares what she's found and what she imagines it was like before she claimed it.

Pretty Girl loved this, as she a collector as well.  We're making plans to get our own nature table for her new room.

It's a lovely book with vivid pictures.  We think you'll enjoy this book too!

Happy Reading!


Alex said...

Welcome back!

That book sounds lovely, thanks for sharing!

Fiddler said...

Adding this one to the library queue! Thanks for sharing. Bunting has a Halloween book (illustrated by Jan Brett) that my kids enjoy, too: Scary, Scary Halloween.

JILL O. MILES said...

A nature table. Now there's a grand idea!


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