Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ending the Summer

Today has been a rather lazy day for us.  We haven't moved to any particular schedule.  Lay in the bed talking this morning.  Tickling, cuddling, laughing.  While we listened to part of George & the Giant Peach, I fixed a late breakfast.  We thumbed through photo albums.  As the children played, I was able to catch up with a dear friend on the phone.

We then talked about what we'd like to do for our last day in summer.  We spent time remembering all the things we've been able to do during this one--not everything we wanted--but more than the average!

We've spent the afternoon/evening outside.  Running and playing.  Watching leaves fall.  Watching the humming birds and butterflies.  Listening to the birds sing.  We decided to make some pizza. While it cooked the kids ate some ice cream/popsicles--something we haven't done a lot of this summer.  It was nice.  As the sun set, we talked about how we'd celebrate the beginnings of Autumn, my favorite season!  We have plans to go to the library, do some painting, identify some leaves, be outside.  I'm going to see what else we can add to our add to make it a 'little more' special.

Here are some shots of our afternoon and evening....

How did you enjoy the last day of summer?


JasmineTate said...

Looks like a wonderful way to end summer.

I didn't even mention to my kids that it was the last day of summer... However, we did enjoy a day at a plantation making dolls from corn husks and making a candle. I guess this morning we'll talk a little about fall, and begin to enjoy this next season.

Anonymous said...

So sweet!! Love all the pictures and your babies are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing. Now let's bring on FALL!!


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