Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Sharing Monday

This Monday we're sharing Princess Grace by Mary Hoffman.  I thought we'd read all in the series of Grace and was pleasantly surprised to find this one in the library last week.  But what was even better about finding this book and checking it out, was the story.  Both my girls are firmly in the 'princess' stage of things.  I find myself somewhat challenged to find princesses that look like us.  That being said, this story speaks to my concerns--the ideas of what princesses do, wear, look like, etc.  It ends in a very positive way affirming the many different princesses!!

I highly recommend this book for your little princess!

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Happy Reading!

1 comment:

schmobes said...

Thank you! Kutey is definitely in the princess stage, and I love to read GOOD princess stories!


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