Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Kelly said...

I love these pictures for many reasons!!!


Our Pace said...

Beautiful pictures. I can't even imagine my children sitting that still unless they were asleep. LOL! I have decided to work in a quiet time when I can meditate and they stay quiet, but can't imagine them still and meditating with me.

Our Pace said...

...Or maybe it's just yoga? Either way... my kids!? LOL!! They like yoga but it's loud. LOL!

~Leslie said...

@Kelly--thanks! (((hugs!)))

@Our Pace-you are hilarious!! Yeah, it's more so yoga...but I've been working on getting them to be still and quiet. Of course these photos were more on the staged side of things, but it was after we took 5 minutes together to be still and think about peace. :D


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