Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Mumbles

It's Monday already?  Here are some of the things I'm thinking about today (and this weekend).

1. The world doesn't fall apart when I sit down.  lol  Yeah, I'm usually 'on-stage' a lot, but for the past few days I've been sitting read, to knit/crochet, to be read to, to rest.  It's been good!

2. How many times much I repeat a specific request of my children before it sticks??  I mean, I'm sounding like a scratched CD.  SMH.  I guess this is just part of the parenting thing?!

3. I've decided that our official start day, for getting back on a regular schedule, will be after Labor Day.  I'm hopeful that by then we'll be out of limbo!

4. I always thought that canning something to be 'scared' of.  I grew up around an aunt who always canned things for winter, and in my little-girl mind, I don't remember it being a big deal.  But as I grew up I remember hearing all kinds of horror stories about it.  But now that I'm doing it--it's not so bad.  A tat bit hot, but other than that, things have been going smoothly!

5. I'm interested in knowing why, if we all have the same feelings, similar experiences, similar hopes and dreams (for ourselves and our children) why there is still so many things that keep up to connecting with each other.  Whether it's our neighbors (do you know yours? do you interact with them more than a 'good morning' or 'good evening'?) or coworkers or other community folk, do we go out of our way to make an authentic connection?  What about our friends and family members--do they get to see who we really are or have we created a faux personality for them as well?  What keeps us from showing our real selves, from owing our true feelings/thoughts/actions?  I don't have all the answers, but have been thinking about these things over the past couple days.

6. Been thinking about peach cobbler.  Yep, it's that time of year again! YAY!

7. Exercising.  Something I'm getting more consistent about.  I've made good progress with regards to my eating habits.  I'm thankful to have passed on the habit of drinking water to my children--so we've been very hydrated.  Autumn is my season.  It's time to let go of a lot of things for me--weight being one of them!  I'm excited to let it go!!!

8. Just received a lovely note from a dear friend--one who I've admired for years--who has been such an influential person in the lives of so many others.  She thanked me for the positive impact I've made on hers.  It was a nice sweet note.  I'm thankful to know that we're truly friends--that we both are positively impacting the other.  [I often doubt my impact or how my spirit moves others.  I'm learning to accept this, and use it for the good!]

9. We've been gearing up to move for while now.  There have been a couple snags in our plan--but we're still moving forward.  God has tightly closed a door--making sure we don't sway from the place that is for us (it's easy to get comfortable and settle).  Although it's caused from great discomfort, I'm seeing a light at the end of this tunnel--and it's NOT the train! lol  Imagining myself in a new place, with new energy, new challenges some new friends, and all of my old ones!!  :D

10.  Do I have to have ten?  lol.  I'm sure there is more I've been thinking's just that when you're interrupted ever few moments with a request to "Read this to me mommy" "I'm hungry, will you make some lunch?" "Look at what I drew!"  It's hard to remained focused.  I started this post this morning...and am finally completing it this afternoon.  Hope you've had a good Monday.

If you wanna join in on the Mumbles, let Tooje know over at Circling the Square Table.


Tooje said...

:) Ten is a relative number. If I don't feel it one Monday, I make one Mumble stretch out into two. Feel free to do the same!

And I wonder, too, how often we put on the "family personality", or the "friend personality" many do we have? that how it's supposed to be? We always claim to be people with different facades, different shades, different faces. Is that a bad thing? I suppose only if we're pretending that the family personality or any other personality is truly US. As long as how you change to adapt to each group you interact with is still YOU....then it isn't considered faux.

Happy Monday. :)

Homegrown Naturally said...

I can totally relate to the whole idea/question of are we being authentic when different people get a different "us". I mean, I think in many ways it has to be that way. I certainly am not going to share the same type of conversational intimacy with all of the people I encounter. I suppose in the end all we need to really focus on is how we feel after meeting with people... if it doesn't feel good, then there may be some issue we're having being true to ourselves with that person. That's how it is with my mother-in-law right now. Unfortunately for the longest time we tend to bring out the worst in each other, it feels awful. I'm trying hard to be more authentic with her but am finding most of the time I'm just defensive and protective, neither of which is moving us in a positive direction. *sigh*

growing, growing, growing :)

BTW, I'm loving the Monday Mumbles. I'm catching it too late this week but I think I'll be joining in!


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