Sunday, March 9, 2008

Table Manners and other things

Every day I'm heard saying things like, "We sit down at the table. Chew your food before you start talking. Wipe your mouth with your napkin. Wait until everyone has their food before you eat. Use inside voices at the table. Use your fork/spoon. Now, this is when I'm in a calm and focused place.

At other times one may hear me say things like this: "Sit down! Use your napkin, not your hands. We eat with our utensils NOT our fingers! Will you guys please stop shouting at the table!!!"

If you're anything like will understand this! Needless to say, despite how I'm saying it and how many times I've must repeat myself, it is sinking in. My daughters attended a birthday party yesterday...a tea party, ok, a 'high tea' party. I got them all dressed up to go (the way we used to dress for parties). I was so very happy that all the hard work I've put in paid off during the hours of the party! :)

Not only did they use all their table manners, they also were attentive to me as well as the other adults and responsive to the request made of them. They greeted everyone, they used their inside voices, they remembered to say 'please' and 'thank you,' they played nicely with the other girls and cleaned up what they had taken out before leaving the party. (Translation: they didn't push, hit, shout, fuss, complain, etc.) I was so proud!!

Being at home is hard, intense often dirty work, but the rewards are awesome!!

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