Friday, March 21, 2008

It's Spring!!!

spring is the beginning of new life...the awaking of things left dormant...the (re)birth of ideas, plans, hopes and dreams. it's also the time to watch nature come alive. i wanted to celebrate this newness with my family in a way that would mark the occasion and give pause to all that was happening around us. we celebrated the day as a family out in nature--we went to the park. we fed the ducks & pigeons, ate a picnic lunch then watched the kids play on the playground. before leaving we spend some time relaxing, talking and laughing on the grass watching dogs and their owners run past. all in all, we had a nice day welcoming in spring!!

as you'll notice in the pictures, although the sun was out and the sky clear, it didn't feel like spring! but i'm sure the weather will make up for this by summer!

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