Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekly Intentions :: A Practice

Good Morning!  How have you been? How did your week go?

I must say that I accomplished everything and more on my list from last week.  It was simple and sweet--much like today's will be.

Here's a peek into some of what we got into last week together:

Staycation Week One  -- Done!

This week the kids and I will engage in another week of 'staycation' fun. We've already selected the activities we want to do and have invited friends to join in, if they can.

I will focus on:

  • daily meditation and quiet time
  • daily exercise
  • being present with my children (i.e. unplugging)
  • laughing
  • sharing through talking and listening
  • getting out of the house and enjoying life around us
  • completing a few of my reading projects (i'm reading books for me and reading some for my kids' book club for next year)

What is one thing that tops your list for this week? Share it below!! Yes, I want to know. :)

Wishing you just what you want/need this week--make it happen.

Be well.


Latonya Mo said...

It looks like you guys had an awesome week! I am going to focus on remaining present in my current life not the what ifs. I am going to finish Little Women so I can meet up with a friend and chat about the book.

Thanks for sharing your goals for the week!

~Leslie said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing one of your intentions, Latonya.
Being present is a great one!!
Hope you have a good book discussion, too.


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