Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to Plan Your Homeschool Year :: Step 7

If you're reading this (and have been with me from the start) I want to begin with a 'congratulations!'  We have covered a lot of ground and you have completed a lot of work!!  Do you feel ready to start?  Don't worry if you answer isn't a resounding 'YES!' as many of us don't feel quite ready most of the time.  This is ok.  (For those of you who do feel ready count this as another blessing.)

Step 7 is simple.
Now is the time to do what you've planned.

Will things turn out perfectly?  Probably not.  Will you forget things?  Oh, most definitely.  Will your children learn.  Yes!  Will they enjoy everything?  No, but who does?

You will learn as you go.  You will find out what works well for your family and what things you'll need to revisit, tweek, adjust, let go of and add to all throughout this year.

Be patient with yourself and with your children.  Keep close to your schedule but be flexible enough to go with the flow of how things may be going on any given day.  Stay in touch with your support network--those other families that are near you who are also homeschooling.  Talk with your partner regularly so that both of you remain in the loop on how things are progressing.

I would suggest that about midway through the year you make time to evaulate your progress and check in with your children on how they're feeling/thinking about things.  Even if something isn't working right away doesn't mean it won't.  Give your family time to adjust to the newness of things (It takes a month to develop a new habit and at least three to sufficiently see if something is worth keeping or letting go of--of course you know your family best so this doesn't apply to everything.).

In speaking with and supporting other new parents in the homeschooling community to which I belong, it's wonderful hearing how successful things become.  Each one has a different experience, of course, but everyone shares similar fears about starting out.  It's normal.  Know that you're not alone.  (smile)

I'm wishing you well as you begin a new year, for the first time or for yet another time.  I'd love to hear from you and offer you any support you many need.  You're welcome to comment below or should you like a bit more privacy, you're welcome to email me directly.  Just put 'homeschooling' somewhere in the title so I'll see it.

Here's to a well prepared for and planned homeschool year!

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