Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Sharing Monday

Good Morning!!

We found this book at the library last week and have been reading a story every day.  We haven't yet finished all the stories but will be doing that within a day or so.

This week's book share is The Jump at the Sun Treasury :: An African American Picture Book Collection and includes seven complete books within in it.

They are:
These Hands by Hope Lynne Price, illustrated by Bryan Collier

Can I Pray with My Eyes Open? by Susan Taylor Brown, illustrated by Garin Baker

Say Hey! A Song of Willie Mays by Peter Mandel, illustrated by Don Tate

A Big, Spooky House by Donna Washington, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers

Granddaddy's Street Songs by Monalisa DeGross, illustrated by Floyd Cooper

Alvin Ailey by Andrea Davis Pinkney, illustarted by Brian Pinkney

Celebration! by Jane Resh Thomas, illustarted by Raul Colon

This collections has something for all the readers in your home.  It begins with a picture book and moves on to stories about history and life happens many of us can related to.  I liked that this series brought us new stories, as we'd only read These Hands before.  I really liked Can I Pray with My Eyes Open? and the children liked the call and response in Say Hey! A Song of Willie Mays.  The Boy enjoyed the surprise ending of A Big, Spooky House and both the girls like learning more about Alvin Ailey in this story about him.

What collections of stories do you enjoy?  We'd love to hear! Comment below.

Happy Reading!

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