Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sharing Nature with Children

We have been trying, unsuccessfully, for quite some time to sprout an avocado pit.  We purchased the organic avocados as well as the convention ones all in hopes of getting it to grow into a plant.

In all of the children's gardening books I've seen, this is one of the first activities, coming right behind beans (which has been a similar experience for us as well).  I was starting to feel some kind of way about not being able to do it.  I mean, what is really going on with our plants??? (Yes, this will be another post. Smile.)

Well, another mother-friend suggested that I try some avocados from another local market.  We finally have found success!!

Today, I had my little Sweetie-pie pot our first sprouted pit.

She has observed me well and did this all on her own.  We're excited to share that we have four more pits that have sprouted as well.  We're planning to keep three of them in pots on the porch and will take the other two down to the community garden to plant it there.  We'll share the progress of these plants.

Are you growing things with your children?  How are things coming along?
We'd love to hear from you--please comment below.

Happy Growing!

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