Thursday, August 30, 2012

Another Word About Planning

As I've been going through things this week and making sure things are in place for next week, I wanted to add something else that has come up for me:

Make sure you have all needed paper, activities, supplies, etc. on hand.  As I was making assessments of where things were, I realized that I hadn't put together two of the games I have on my list for The Boy to use this coming week.  Which made me remember that there were several copies I needed to make to be ready to start the notebook/lapbook pages we'll start as well.  I then took another moment to look through each of the lessons I'm planning to make sure each item called for, I actually had.  I pulled several things off my bookshelf and have made little stacks of resources for each lesson so that I'm ready!  I've asked each of the children to made sure that their notebooks and binders are where they need to be so we can find them.

So, as all good teachers do, take inventory of your supplies as well as what you'll need for each activity and lesson.  Make sure it's in arm's reach so that you don't lose precious time searching for something you thought was "just right here."

This happens to me a lot more than I'd like.  So I'm making plans to change this.  This is something that I will do weekly, probably on Sunday evening for the start of each new week.

Hope this little reminder tip helps you as well!

In you're planning, what things have you found out about yourself?  What things are you changing for this year?  I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Home Learning!

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