Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday :: Library Day

Tuesdays have become our official library day.  I think it used to be Mondays, but since our long move/transition Tuesdays have become the day.  There is usually a storytime scheduled, but we have only attended one since being back the West End.  We're waiting for another Children's Librarian to come.  Our favorite librarian is now at another branch, which is not close, so we only make that trek once or twice a month.

We're doing a lot more.  Reading, searching for a particular book or subject.  The boy tickles me with his lists of books he's looking for.  He's watched me well, I see, and scribbles things down on a piece of paper and then 'reads' the list he's made for himself to me.  Last week his list consisted of books on:
  1. Pirates
  2. Dragons
  3. Robots
  4. Skeleton (human body)
I was thankful that our local branch had at least one book on each topic for him to check out.  He was thrilled.  Today it was more books about dinosaurs.

As Pretty Girl strengthens her reading muscles, I decided to direct your searching as well.  Normally I allow her to choose exactly what she'd like to read or would like to hear.  Today I started her on researching.  We're studying the animal kingdom in science, starting with mammals.  She was to pick a mammal to write a report on and create a presentation for.  She chose bears.  I showed her how to look through books to get an idea about what information they give and what sort of information she would need to write a report.  We discussed the difference between fiction and non-fiction (again) and this activity of looking for books assisted in her understanding.  I'll have to share more about her project in another post.

We were pleasantly surprised to see how our little neighborhood library has evolved since we've been away.  In the children's section they now have a special carpeted corner with books in crates, puzzles and a few games for younger children to do on their own.  Sweetie-pie enjoyed putting puzzles together and sitting in the bean bag looking through books by herself.

I was able to get a little 'work' done on the computer, pick out some books for myself and make some plans for our homeschool group to utilize the library again. 

Next week, I'll remember to take my camera and get a few shots of our library. It's a cozy little place with great librarians.  We always look forward to our Tuesdays!


Lisa said...

Tuesdays are our library day too! How I love Tuesdays! I love it when the kids have a list all their own.
have a great week

Milk and Honey Mommy said...


Thursdays use to be our library days, but I have gotten off schedule so much (because of renewals and dropping by on an off library day) that we've been going anywhere between Thursdays and Mondays. We need one day for order.

I like the idea of the children choosing a subject and looking for books on their own. My older two have just started looking for subject specific books (mostly robots and princesses - we need to move on a little) and I think I might prompt them to pick more than one subject the next time we go.


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