Thursday, December 2, 2010

One Small Change :: December

One Small Change

This month we will use recycled paper (newspaper, packing paper, etc.) to wrap our gifts in.  No purchased wrapping paper for us this year.

We usually make our own paper for birthdays by using recycled paper or paper bags and making designs on it.  Now we'll extended it to this holiday season and make it a standard from her on out.  Some simple enough to do that gives it's own feel to a gift.  Also falls into the handmade holiday challenge as well. :D

What One Small Change will you make this month? You can see ideas here.

Happy Holidays to you!


Anonymous said...

We are doing this as well - and have been for birthdays and other holidays. I think we still have a bit of Christmas paper from three years ago (haven't bought any since then) but we won't buy any more. We also use some of Isaac's paintings (you know, because you can't keep them ALL) and use them to wrap gifts. Very pretty and personal. xo

Our Pace said...

Nice job! I've done terribly the last few months on this challenge and now with everything packed up and ready to be moved across the country it's even more difficult. It's good to see someone stick to it right to the end of the year. :)


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